Ba Le : banh mi

26 Mar

Ba Le

538 Dundas St W, Toronto

Once upon a time, the French took over Vietnam and a delicious sandwich was born.

The end.

Go and order yourself a barbeque pork banh mi.  It’s delicious and filling and it costs $2.90!

From the Vietnamese you get the barbeque pork, lightly pickled shredded carrot and daikon and fresh cilantro.  From the French, garlicky mayonnaise and a fresh crusty baguette.

a kind of gross photo of my companion's partly eaten sandwich... you're welcome!

For a filling lunch that costs less than getting on a streetcar, it’s hard to beat.

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3 Responses to “Ba Le : banh mi”

  1. Nikki at 2:09 am #

    Your uncle has always tried to convert me to the Bahn Mi… you’re doing a good sales job too.
    Great blog R!


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    […] $6.95 each, they’re not banh mi cheap but considering the love that goes into making that golden delicious pork it’s […]

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