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5 May

and part two… how to cut an onion

Illustrated Bites

Knife Skills part 2


UPDATE: I’ve had an explosion of new traffic to my blog this week. If this if your first time here, welcome! I hope you enjoy it. If you like what you see, please leave me a comment or follow me on twitter @illustratedbite. Thanks for stopping by and please come again. Cheers!

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Culinary Arts

5 May

simple, lovely (and useful!) graphics by illustrated bites

Illustrated Bites

Knife Skills

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frozen peas

26 Apr

Orson Welles does not mix well with frozen peas or misplaced emphasis.

And to brighten your day, here’s Pinky and the Brain doing a parody of the above clip…

a manwich is…

12 Apr

I ate my first ever Manwich:


happy april first… fool!

1 Apr

This morning I woke up to THIS

A big thank you to my boyfriend for the ugliest flower arrangement in the world,

and my gift to you, dear reader, is that you have had to look at it now.

(It’s much worse in person.  No photo can do it justice)

toronto street food project

27 Mar

click on me

In Toronto, street food is hot dogs.

That’s it.


Because of stupid by-laws that’s why.

If you live in Toronto and you have a few seconds (you do, I know you do) click the badge at the top of the post and send an email or tweet to your councilor to let him or her know that you care about encouraging a vibrant and diverse street food culture in our city.


ghost beer

23 Feb

ghost beer.

happy day after valentine’s day

16 Feb

this is what was in my fridge when I got home from work. so this is what I’m eating for dinner…

with beer.

happy day after valentine’s day